Saicos Premium Hartwachsöl Holzpflege ökologisch

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Saicos Pflegeserie Pflegeprodukte Care Careseries ecoline ökologisch ecological umweltfreundlich natural

The ideal protection

for all wooden surfaces which don't lose their beauty

Saicos Ecoline Hardwax Oil 2.0 solvent free

The future is solvent-free

so is the new

Ecoline Hardwax-Oil 2.0

When it comes to painting: SAICOS

As an experienced manufacturer of high-quality wood coatings, we attach great importance to supplying you with precisely those products that not only serve their purpose, but do much more than that: They combine properties so that an even better result can be achieved. That is our goal and that is what you deserve.

Our Ecoline products

Environmentally friendly, solvent-free and future-oriented -
that is our sustainable line.

Saicos Ecoline Hartwachsöl 2.0 lösemittelfrei ökologisch


Oils penetrate deeply into the wood, protect and care for it from the inside and create a natural surface.
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Saicos Ecoline MultiTop


Lacquer seals the surface and forms a protective layer.
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Saicos Ecoline Fußboden Pflegeset

Cleaning & Care

With the right cleaning and care, your wood will always look like new.
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