Saicos Premium Hartwachsöl Holzpflege ökologisch


to the home of the specialists for wood coatings

Saicos Terassenöl Blauer Engel umweltfreundlich

The ideal protection

for a wooden terrace which doesn't lose its beauty

Saicos Ecoline Hardwax Oil 2.0 solvent free

The future is solvent-free

so is the new

Ecoline Hardwax-Oil 2.0

When it comes to painting: SAICOS

As an experienced manufacturer of high-quality wood coatings, we attach great importance to supplying you with precisely those products that not only serve their purpose, but do much more than that: They combine properties so that an even better result can be achieved. That is our goal and that is what you deserve.

Our Ecoline products

Environmentally friendly, solvent-free and future-oriented -
that is our sustainable line.

Saicos Ecoline Hartwachsöl 2.0 lösemittelfrei ökologisch


Oils penetrate deeply into the wood, protect and care for it from the inside and create a natural surface.
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Saicos Ecoline MultiTop


Lacquer seals the surface and forms a protective layer.
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Saicos Ecoline Fußboden Pflegeset

Cleaning & Care

With the right cleaning and care, your wood will always look like new.
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