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– The new solvent-free Ecoline Hardwax-Oil 2.0 from SAICOS Germany

What is better than having low solvent amounts? Solvent-free of course! Not only architects and developers specify solvent-free coatings anymore. Also end-consumers favour natural and environmentally friendly products in their homes more and more. SAICOS COLOUR GmbH has the answer on how to combine requirements of both customer groups: Our solvent-free Ecoline Hardwax-Oil 2.0. Based on natural ingredients the Ecoline Hardwax-Oil 2.0 creates a natural surface on all cork- and wood floors which is highly abrasion resistant, dirt repellent and very easy to clean – in a totally natural way.

 Two aspects tend to have an ever-increasing impact on the choice for surface finishes: Reliable quality and environmentally friendly ingredients. The Ecoline Hardwax-Oil 2.0 combines both requirements thanks to its solvent-free formulation and the commonly high standards at SAICOS.

Its formulation is not the only highlight making the Ecoline Hardwax-Oil 2.0 so unique. Wooden floors have to withstand lots of impacts every day. Spilled food, dropped objects as well as usual dirt contamination harm the high quality wood floor.  But cleaning tools are not always available immediately – especially not in commercial buildings. In such cases Ecoline Hardwax-Oil 2.0 offers perfect protection for all cork- and woodfloors. Natural oils and waxes penetrate deeply into the woodfibre and thus create an abrasion resistant and highly hard-wearing surface. The Ecoline Hardwax-Oil  2.0 finish has an R9 Anti-slip rating and is open porous as well as it offers healthy living for every room and project.

Being fast to saliva and perspiration it can also be used for finishing wooden toys. Easy to clean: due to its dirt repellent properties damp-mopping of the surface is fully sufficient for quick cleaning. And if a renovation will be necessary at some time at all simply partially renovate your floor without sanding.

Add the Additive Hardener 2K for an even more strong and quicker drying surface. After the surface is fully cured it is more hard-wearing and still solvent-free.

Foto: Solvent-free, easy-care and extremely abrasion-resistant: this is the new SAICOS Ecoline Hartwachsöl 2.0
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