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SAICOS Premium Additive Hardener 2K

For faster drying and higher resilience

At construction sites, work is often done under time pressure and special climatic conditions. To finish a coat in just one day, we therefore recommend Premium Additive Hardener 2K. It enables faster drying and greater final hardness.


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Also for use in private households

With Premium Additive Hardener 2K in SAICOS Premium Hardwax-Oil, the oil dries faster, especially under difficult conditions such ashigh humidity. In general, the treated surfaces are more resilient and abrasion-resistant earlier.
Premium Additive Hardener 2K is also suitable for SAICOS Ecoline Oil Ground Coat and SAICOS Ecoline Hardwax-Oil.
The quantities in the additive containers are precisely matched to the respective can contents of SAICOS Premium Hardwax-Oil.

Premium Hardwax-Oil

The multifunctional premium protection for all wooden surfaces
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Premium Additive Anti-Slip R10

Ensures a non-slip surface on wooden floors
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Ecoline Hardwax-Oil

The low-solvent wood coating for environmentally conscious users
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Ecoline Oil Ground Coat

A good foundation is the be-all and end-all for a perfect coating
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