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SAICOS Ecoline Hardwax-Oil

The low-solvent wood coating for environmentally conscious users

Floors have to go through a lot over time. High heels, flying blocks and food threaten them. To protect them from everyday signs of wear, we recommend painting with this healthy living wood coating, as this ensures a more durable surface.


  • For all wooden and cork floors, tables and worktops as well as other heavily used wooden surfaces
  • Low-solvent
  • Slip-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Oxidative drying
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For resistant wooden floors and furniture

The future is green! We becoming more and more conscious of our ecological footprint and it is increasingly influencing our actions. We have created the Ecoline product line to meet the demand for environmentally friendly products. Sustainable and durable products for finishing wood surfaces.

The ecological SAICOS Ecoline Hardwax-Oil creates a natural and hard-wearing surface and is particularly suitable for wood and cork floors as well as tabletops and other heavily used wooden surfaces. Based on natural oils and waxes, the slip-resistant coating is particularly low in solvents, making it healthy and breathable. It also enables easy cleaning and maintenance. For a faster drying time, SAICOS Premium Additive Hardener 2K can be added to SAICOS Ecoline Hardwax-Oil. This enables a complete coating in just one day.

Premium Additive Hardener 2K

For faster drying and higher resilience
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