Saicos Universalrolle

SAICOS Universal Roller “Small”

The all-rounder for small spaces

The small roller is particularly suitable for small areas, edges, borders and corners. It ensures an even application of paint and can be combined with the SAICOS Roller Handle and SAICOS Telescopic handle with click connection.


  • For thin coatings
  • Set of 2
  • Microfibres
  • Even application of paint, does not drip or splash
  • Size: 100 mm
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For an even application of paint

The high-quality microfibre rollers are available in a practical set of 2. For easy handling, we recommend combination with the SAICOS Roller Handle and Paint Tray "Small". The rollers are suitable for all low-viscosity coatings and produce an even and streak-free paint application. They do not fuzz up, hardly splash and drip, are durable and easy to clean.

Saicos Farbwanne

Paint Tray “Small”

For the correct dosage when picking up paint with brushes
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Saicos Bügel

Roller Handle

Paint roller with ergonomic handle
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Wood Stain

The natural wood finish for anyone who loves the look of wood
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House & Garden Colour

The colour intense oil-based wood finish for all garden woods
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