SAICOS LED+X technology

The LED+X technology is a pioneering, ozone-free one-pot system for the woodworking industry. The technology behind this is relatively new, but impresses with its ecological and highly efficient curing system. The surfaces can be packaged immediately after coating and are durable and scratch-resistant. Thanks to the sophisticated technology, very heavily pigmented colours can also be produced. The ecological concerns are not neglected in this system. All colours used are solvent-free and environmentally-friendly.

Saicos englisch energy-efficient
Saicos englisch low temperatures
Saicos englisch long-lasting
Saicos englisch ozone-free

All advantages of LED+X technology at a glance

  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Minimal temperature impact on the workpiece
  • No boiling of the pigments
  • No boiling of resin
  • Long light lifetime
  • Ozone-free drying
  • Extension of maintenance intervals