When should I use wood protection impregnation?

In outdoor areas, you should always use impregnation to protect the wood. It gives the wood the tools it needs to protect itself against external weather conditions. Wood preservatives for outdoor areas penetrate particularly deeply into the surface of the wood, make it water-repellent and thereby protect from both shrinkage and swelling. There are also special wood preservatives on the outside for protection against blue stain and rot. However, a single coat of impregnation is never enough, and a second coat is always required, for example with SAICOS Wood Stain or SAICOS Special Wood Oil. Treatment and wood protection with paints, oils or stains – a combination that makes outdoor woods particularly durable.

Other wood preservatives for outdoor areas:

For special wood protection against solar radiation:

SAICOS UV Protection Wood Finish Exterior

Wood is not only exposed to wind and weather, but also to the sun. Its UV rays permanently change the colour of the wood surface and accelerate the ageing process. UV Protection Wood Finish Exterior is a wood preservative for outdoor areas which reduces natural greying or yellowing of external wood. It contains colour pigments with particularly high UV resistance, is particularly easy to use, economical and is also saliva- and sweat-proof.

A coat of paint that protects and treats:

SAICOS House & Garden Colour

Not just a wood preservative for outdoors, but also a paint. This colour also provides protection and treatment that benefits the wood. It covers the grain and the wood tone, but maintains the structure of the wood. The coloured wood preservative for the outdoors bonds permanently with the wood, thereby reducing swelling and shrinkage.

Treatment and wood preservative for outdoor areas in one:

SAICOS Bel Air Special Wood Coating

One coat, but also a wood preservative for outdoor areas: Depending on your preference, you can choose from a wide range of colours with this special coat: From classic white to modern ruby red to pigeon blue, there is something for every taste. This wood preservative for outdoor areas is an environmentally-friendly, water-based paint that makes exterior woods resistant to weathering and mechanical damage using modified oil technology.

Wood Stain

The natural wood finish for anyone who loves the look of wood
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Universal Impregnation

The all-rounder in the field of wood impregnation
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