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SAICOS Greying Wood Stain

For naturally greying wooden façades and garden woods

Ageing with style and the effective Greying Wood Stain for outdoors. The SAICOS Greying Wood Stain evens out the transition from heavily greyed areas to natural, even and flowing wood greying. This special wood stain for outdoors protects in a natural way and is particularly hard-wearing: The natural oils penetrate deep into the wood, offer optimal wood protection from the inside and keep it elastic. The polymer dispersion protects the surface against weather and moisture.


  • Equalizes the transition to natural, even greying
  • Just 1 coat is enough for an appealing result on the wood
  • Fast drying wood stain for outdoors
  • Wood protection for all weather
  • Water-based
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Visually, new woods can be easily adapted to older ones

The Wood Stain for exterior with greying effect is weather-resistant, easy to care for, breathable, water- and dirt-repellent and is suitable for both smooth and rough sawn wood. One coat is enough, the rest of the greying is done by nature. With the Wood Stain for surfaces coated on the outside, washing or cleaning can be done easily with water. SAICOS Green-Ex Concentrate is very well-suited for particularly stubborn stains and can be used outdoors in combination with the Wood Stain. The item is available in two colours: Graphite grey and stone grey. Depending on the use, the coating result can be different - this again ensures a particularly authentic wood look.

SAICOS Greying Wood Stain is a transparent wood stain for outdoors and is based on our proven oil-polymer dispersion. The oil-modified paint is open-pore, weather-resistant, easy to care for, water- and dirt-repellent. It is suitable for smooth and rough sawn wood and is quick drying. One coat is enough to create natural greying. The wood stain for outdoor areas bonds permanently with the wood surface. It is breathable, moisture regulating, does not tear and does not peel.

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