How can I clean WPC?

To clean WPC, it is best to choose cleaning agents that have been specially developed for this material. Both smooth and rough structures can be cleaned with scrubbers, brushes or wipers. Under no circumstances should you use a pressure washer, as too much pressure can damage the WPC.

Cleaning WPC: Cleaning product and application

Cleaning WPC is particularly easy and efficient with our gentle and special cleaning agent, SAICOS Cleaner for Wood-Plastic-Decking (WPC). Remove any dirt thoroughly with a damp wiper, clean grooves with a scrubber if necessary. Spread the cleaner evenly over the WPC surface with a scrubber (do not leave puddles). Leave on for 5 – 20 minutes and treat dry areas during this time. Rinse with pure water 2-3 times. Then treat with a nourishing oil.

More information about cleaning WPC:

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) is particularly suitable for patios or as a privacy screen, as it is particularly resistant and therefore less sensitive to weather and moisture than wood. Even if WPC planks are less maintenance-intensive than wooden planks, this does not mean that WPC does not have to be cleaned or treated at all.

The best time to clean WPC is spring. In contrast to wood, the risk of mould is particularly low with this material, but leaves, green waste or moisture can cause it to form. If this contamination is not removed with a suitable cleaning agent, WPC boards can also become mouldy – the same applies to inadequate ventilation of the WPC.