Saicos Ecoline extra schwarz

SAICOS Ecoline Pitch Black

Anything but ordinary

Black wood floors may be a little unusual, but they can be a real eye-catcher in the right environment. And black can be a unique look for furniture as well.


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Only in combination with SAICOS MultiTopPlus

With Ecoline Pitch Black, you get an extraordinary effect that still shows the structure of the wood and the way it is laid.

The amount in the additional container is exactly matched to the SAICOS Ecoline MultiTop paint.

Saicos Ecoline MultiTop Pur Pure englisch

Ecoline Pure

Underlines the natural beauty of wood
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Saicos Ecoline MultiTop Extra Weiß extra white englisch

Ecoline Extra White

For a flawless coat of white paint
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Saicos MultiTop UV Schutz UV Protection englisch

Ecoline UV Protection

Works against the natural colour changes caused by UV rays
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Saicos Verzögere Slow Down

Ecoline Delayer “Slow Down”

Extends the workability of the paint
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