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SAICOS House & Garden Colour

The colour intense oil-based wood finish for all garden woods

Efficient, easy to use and with anti-blocking properties. This is SAICOS House & Garden Colour. Specially developed for outdoor woods, this all-rounder adds colour accents to your garden. Be it the garden shed or children's toys - there are no limits to creativity.


  • For all outdoor woods such aswooden façades, doors, balconies, fences, gates, screens, garden sheds ...
  • Indoors for all surfaces that are not mechanically stressed
  • Anti-blocking properties makes it ideal for windows and doors
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Perfect protection against weather

The semi-matt surface of SAICOS House & Garden Colour covers wood tone and grain, but leaves the structure of the wood visible. The coating is breathable, moisture-regulating, weather-resistant and has anti-blocking properties. This makes it particularly well-suited for windows and doors. Colour pigments with high UV resistance keep the coat beautiful in the long run. For a greater variety of colours, single colours can be mixed together. If required, House & Garden Colour can also be used for indoor areas as long as they are not mechanically stressed. However, please ensure good ventilation.

Saicos Flächenstreicher Pinsel

Flat Brush

The right brush for any project
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Saicos Universalrolle

Universal Roller “Small”

The all-rounder for small spaces
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Saicos Öl Wachs-Rolle


The roller for oil or wax based paints
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Universal Impregnation

The all-rounder in the field of wood impregnation
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