The SAICOS Triple – product launch meets the spirit of the times

It started as a trend and is now a movement that affects both the present and the future. Environmental protection, resource-light manufacturing processes and sustainable products are becoming increasingly important. The future is green and SAICOS is right on the cutting edge with three new products for indoor and outdoor use. With the Ecoline product line, SAICOS has long been fulfilling the demand for ecological products. Decking Oil H2O and Ecoline Hardwax-Oil 2.0 in particular are the new highlights of the entire range. The new coatings will be introduced and presented for the first time at the Domotex in Hanover, Hall 013, Booth A32.

 For the handyman: The new SAICOS Decking Oil H2O
Throw a grill party without worrying about grease splashes, beer or wine stains. The solvent-free SAICOS Decking Oil H2O makes it possible. SAICOS has created an innovative and ecological product that meets current standards. Easy workability with the SAICOS Floor Brush or the Floor Brush enables do-it-yourselfers to effectively protect and treat their own terraces or garden furniture from the weather. The transparent and open-pore water-based wood coating underlines the natural beauty of the wood and creates a non-slip surface.

For professionals: SAICOS Ecoline Hardwax-Oil 2.0
High-quality products and good application properties play a major role, especially in the world of work. Because time is money. With SAICOS Ecoline Hardwax-Oil 2.0, the manufacturer is launching a product that meets the demands of craftsmen as well as the environment. The solvent-free Hardwax-Oil is suitable for wooden and cork floors as well as for heavily used indoor wooden surfaces. Application with the SAICOS Blade Scraper is then levelled out with a one-disc rotary machine to get rid of the clouds. For a more robust surface, a hardener can be added to the Hardwax-Oil. A special highlight: Even as a 2K version, the product remains solvent-free. The surface impresses with its high abrasion resistance and durability – high heels, building blocks and spilled food cannot harm it. The paint is also healthy and breathable. Property owners can therefore look forward to an ecological and easy-to-clean coating with a long lifetime. Should you decide to renovate the floor, this can be done without sanding.

For all: SAICOS Universal Impregnation
Thanks to the sophisticated recipe, SAICOS Universal Impregnation can be used outdoors both for water- and oil-based SAICOS paints. The impregnation against blue stain, rotting and wood-destroying insects acts as weather and moisture protection. It also reduces wood swelling and shrinkage. Thanks to easy workability with the SAICOS Flat Brush , the Aqua-Roller or the Universal Roller “Small”, impregnation can also be done by inexperienced do-it-yourselfers.