How can I remove green covering without damaging the wood?

We developed SAICOS Green-Ex so that you can remove verdigris or green covering without damaging the wood. It is a biological concentrate that you can use to gently and thoroughly clean surfaces such as the planks on your terrace.

Removing the green covering without damaging the wood – how it works

To remove green covering, the wood must be clean: Clean the coarse dirt with a broom and tape off metal (e.g. fittings) with adhesive tape. Use our special product to clean: With SAICOS Green-Ex, you can easily remove green covering from wood, natural and artificial stone and plastic. It cleans gently and prevents re-infestation. Use the cleaning agent according to the application instructions and dilute if necessary – pay attention to how thick the covering is. Then, apply the (diluted) concentrate with a watering can, garden sprayer or SAICOS Flat Brush and leave on for an hour. Then wipe off the agent and the dissolved verdigris or rinse with water. You can repeat this process if necessary.

More information about removing green covering from wood

The unsightly green coating, which is also called verdigris, is copper acetate, which is caused by plant microorganisms and moisture. Obviously stone, plastic and wood in particular are particularly susceptible to this covering. In general, it is harmful in the long run, looks unsightly and can be slippery. It is therefore advisable to remove the green covering to protect the wood. Regular cleaning prevents re-infestation.

Tip for removing green covering – for wood almost like new

If you are unsure how much cleaner you should use in the application: Test the product in an inconspicuous place. Start with a small amount of concentrate. If the green covering can be removed, the wood can be treated completely.

To remove green covering or verdigris, you can also clean wood, stone or plastic with a high-pressure cleaner. It is important to note, however, that the object to be cleaned must be stable enough to withstand the high pressure.

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