Coating without downtime

When it comes to choosing a floor, wood is still at the top of the list. Its naturalness radiates warmth and comfort, and can also be perfectly combined with modern living elements.

But if you want to enjoy this valuable material, you should make sure to give it high-quality coating and care. We recommend natural oils that penetrate deep into the wood and thus ensure the longest possible durability.

In public buildings in particular, there are two aspects that are particularly important when looking for the right coating: It has to be fast and last a long time.

Club owners would certainly not want to forego valuable sales and at the same time incur costs to have the floor coated. The same applies to restaurants, shops, public facilities and a large number of other areas in the property sector.

But what if coating were possible with almost no downtime? Just-in-time?
It is precisely this problem your customers face, which is particularly significant at overnight construction sites, that we have taken to heart in the development of Premium Additive Hardener 2K for Premium Hardwax-Oil.

With this component, unfavourable construction site conditions such as high air humidity or poor ventilation are no longer a problem. The well-known oxidative drying of the hardwax oil remains and is supported by the hardener.

It couldn’t be easier to use:
Pour the additive directly into the Premium Hardwax-Oil, mix and then apply with a roller. The drying time is reduced by 2-3 hours. Particularly interesting for the property sector: The final hardness is reached after 24 hours and additionally increased by the hardener.

Where operation was otherwise only possible to a limited extent several days after the final coating, the “renovation phase” now goes almost unnoticed. Premium Additive Hardener 2K can also be combined with Ecoline Hardwax-Oil and Ecoline Oil Ground Coat.

The hardener is part of the revolutionary Premium Hardwax-Oil system.
With a total of 3 additives for the colourless Premium Hardwax-Oil, the most diverse product properties can be combined to fit your needs. Perfectly tailored to the needs of customers, Premium Additive Hardener 2K, Premium Additive UV Protection and Premium Additive Anti-Slip R10 can be combined as desired.