SAICOS Wood Brightener Concentrate

Anti-aging for wood. Do your outdoor wood surfaces need a makeover? Then we have just the right product for you: With our Wood Brightener, you can bring back the original character of your unweathered wood. The natural colour comes back out and gives your furniture a new look.


  • For brightening garden furniture, wooden decks, hard and precious woods
  • Wood Brightener for all outdoor woods
  • Application without grinding
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The rejuvenation treatment for aged, greyed wood

Garden furniture and outdoor wood are heavily exposed to the weather. The colour disappears over time, the wood turns grey. A completely natural process, but one which results in purely optical flaws. Some wood components are not UV-resistant, the colour tone wears off and the rain does the rest. This is where Wood Brightener comes in.

The high-quality, odourless Wood Brightener for treating and freshening up unsightly grey wood surfaces outdoors gives the wood a new shine. At the same time, the Wood Brightener does not attack the healthy wood, but only reveals the colour hidden in the deeper layers of the wood. Up to 25 square meters of space can be brightened per litre with the Wood Brightener Concentrate.
The SAICOS Wood Brightener is a concentrate and can be diluted with water up to 5 times. Simply apply to the slightly damp surface with a garden sprayer, watering can or a brush, leave on for 15-30 minutes. Then scrub with a hard brush and a lot of water and then rinse with plenty of water. If necessary, the process can be repeated if there are isolated grey areas. It is not necessary to sand the wooden surface thanks to the Wood Brightener.

Preserve the natural colour of the wood

Preserving the wood colour is an issue that affects anyone who owns outer woods. The natural greying process cannot be stopped, but it can be delayed. Of course, this happens through appropriate treatment and protection, such as UV protection, which prevents the natural dyes of the wood from fading due to the sun's rays. The brightener is then the last step to bringing the wood back to its original condition without sanding.

Wood comes to life

The more the wood has greyed, the more brightener you can use. Regular treatment with wood oil and Ecoline UV Protection reduces the need for brightening. Our concentrate is odourless and particularly easy to use. This makes distribution even more pleasant and you are not exposed to harmful vapours. After treatment, we recommend letting the wood dry for a few days before reusing it.

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