Saicos Farbwanne

SAICOS Paint Tray “Small”

For the correct dosage when picking up paint with brushes

Are you familiar with this situation? You dip the brush into the can and you get too much paint on the tool. Wiping on the edge of the can works, but often causes spills. It's easier with a paint tray. It makes it possible to correctly dose paint intake.


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It's about the right dosage

Due to its size, the small tray is ideal for working with the SAICOS Flat Brush. With its help, the brush can be used to pick up just the right amount of paint. You can cover it with a plastic insert to avoid later cleaning. This insert can be disposed of when work is done and the tray can be used again immediately. Tray inserts are available separately in a set of 5 (article number: 0950 228).

Saicos Flächenstreicher Pinsel

Flat Brush

The right brush for any project
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Saicos Universalrolle

Universal Roller “Small”

The all-rounder for small spaces
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