SAICOS LED+X technology – future-oriented, ozone-free 1-pot system for industry

In intense discussions, together with the well-known machine manufacturer Axel Wirth Maschinen, we created a vision out of customer’s needs.
Through the close cooperation of the SAICOS engineers with the experts from Axel Wirth Maschinen, the revolutionary SAICOS LED+X technology has been created.

The SAICOS LED+X Hardwax-Oil, the machine parts and the illuminants have been perfectly harmonized to ensure a high-class coating system for customers. Surfaces coated with SAICOS LED+X Hardwax-Oil are ready to pack immediately, durable, and scratch-resistant whilst having low temperatures (especially suited for coniferous wood), lower energy expenditure, long operating life and an ozone-free production.

The interplay of the newly developed formula and innovative technology
in the lighting segment now leads to a result that is of high quality, energy-efficient and durable.

With the new LED+X technology you are able to:

  • Save energy
  • Avoid ozone
  • Dry cold
  • Extend maintenance intervals

Advantages of the LED + X technology

  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Minimal temperature effect on the workpiece (no pigment or resin spots)
  • Longevity of the bulbs
  • Ozone-free drying