SAICOS was founded by chemists and engineers with rich experience in the development and application of industrial coating systems from previous employment. They have devoted themselves to enhancing the beauty, protecting and preserving wood and wood materials. While always being careful to consider manufacture and product’s usage on the environment.

For that reason, all our products are eco-friendly, safe for humans and pets while offereing a simple and economic solution.

It is those seemingly small things that SAICOS cares about because we know how important they can be in achieving the customer’s objectives.

  • We are constantly reviewing our products and services and continue to inspect the quality of our raw materials so that our customers can rely on good, long-lasting and durable products. We strive to make our products easy to use and provide suitable maintenance products that will ensure the final results are top quality
  • SAICOS also offers specialist cleaning and care products for indoor and outdoor use which can make maintenance effortless with excellent results. Supplying our high class products helps you provide an excellent service for your customers whether they are commercial, tradesmen or private customers.
  • Our efforts are focussed on ensuring Ecological and environmental compatibility products that deliver an excellent price-performance ratio.
  • Our products for sheds, log cabins and garden furniture as well as wood both interior and exterior will keep them looking good longer and with the protection and durability will help to increase the use and add value to respective owners.

Our vision lives for today and tomorrow. The key is to offer our customers quality products of great value along with competent service. The partnership should help save your money and effort and increase your success.