Top marks for our Special Wood Oil

Our Special Wood Oil was evaluated in the current edition of the “Heimwerker Praxis” with a score of 1.4.

Because it`s good for your wood

Hardwoods and tropical wood species require a special maintenance. One possibility is the Special Wood Oil from SAICOS.

The oils penetrate deeply into the wood, stabilize the wood structure and impregnate the wood surface when applied correctly.

Product features
The Special Wood Oil from SAICOS is based on natural oils and was particularly developed to protect exterior wood. It is salvia and sweat resistant so that it can be easily applied in areas where children play.

At first, the wood needs to be prepared according to the instruction. Either one has to brush off the wood or even sand it depending on the wood`s condition. The oil is ready-to-use, i.e. that after opening the tin one can directly start applying. The special brush from SAICOS is perfect to oil a wooden decking. The oils can be brushed in deeply into the wood, achieving the maximum protection. In general, two coats are required for an optimal wood protection. The drying time per coat is 8 hours, after 4 hours dust dry.

A great product that can be easily applied achieving a very high wood protection.
Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Thelen – Head editor – Heimwerker Praxis