A new look with House & Garden Colour

Best result for SAICOS House & Garden Colour:

The Heimwerker Praxis has tested our House & Garden Colour in their latest issue.

The result: mark 1,4.

“Exterior Colour on oil basis

After several years the paint on our garage has suffered tremendously. The House and Garden Colour is just perfect for a new and fresh look.

The House and Garden Colour is an opaque coating on the basis of natural oils. It permanently binds to the wood. The colour is offered in 20 different colour shades. The manufacturer recommends two coats on untreated wood.

In use:
The colour can be stirred well and has an excellent levelling when working with a brush. The non-dripping on vertical surfaces is good. The colour is touch dry after approximately 5 hours, fully-cured after 8 hours. The structure of the wood remains visible.

The handling of House & Garden Colour is as easy as the name implies.”

Jörg Ueltgesforth / Heimwerker Praxis